Press Release : Shafwah Holidays Opens New Branch in Balikpapan

2023-05-22 10:42:59

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Shafwah Holidays opened a new branch in East Kalimantan Province, this was done to facilitate prospective pilgrims from Balikpapan, Samarinda, and the surrounding areas. The inauguration took place on Sunday, May 14, 2023, at the Platinum Hotel Balikpapan. Deputy Governor of East Kalimantan H. Hadi Mulyadi, S.Si, M.Si who was accompanied by Dr. Ir. H. Muhammad Helmi, M.M as the President Director of the Shafwah Group is scheduled to officially open the Shafwah Holidays East Kalimantan Branch. Meanwhile, all operational activities of Shafwah Holidays in East Kalimantan will be centered at the official office located at Jalan Syarifudin Yoes, Balikpapan Regency Complex Block H2 No 8, Balikpapan City.

"The presence of a branch office in Balikpapan is part of Shafwah Holidays' efforts to expand the reach of Umrah, Hajj, and halal tourism services for prospective pilgrims. Not only that, but we will also run the ustadpreneur program in East Kalimantan. So apart from serving prospective pilgrims, we also provide a platform for religious teachers to become Muslim entrepreneurs," explained Dr. Ir. H. Muhammad Helmi, M.M as President Director of the Shafwah Group. Furthermore, Mr. Helmi, as he is often called, explained about the Ustadpreneur program, which has been consistently run by Shafwah Holidays.

Ustadpreneur is a program to encourage the Islamic boarding school's economy to grow and become stronger through the provision of material related to Muslim entrepreneurship for ustad which can then be directly implemented in online sales at "So we provide basic material about Muslim entrepreneurship, then the ustad can immediately create an account on our official website. Later all Shafwah Holidays packages and services can be marketed. The advantage is that it is digital based, so there is no space and time limit and it is real-time. So the presence of Shafwah Holidays does not only serve God's guests but has a good mission to provide a forum for religious teachers who have an impact on the economy of Islamic boarding schools and the people," added Mr. Helmi.

As a concrete form, at the inauguration of the Shafwah Holidays East Kalimantan branch, educational and motivational materials were inserted from the ustadpreneur figure, Ustad Rendy Saputra. The material presented was about Sharia business, experience, and motivation in the theme "Don't wait to be able, but pray to be enabled". As many as 100 invitees from various Islamic boarding schools, foundations, and Islamic schools are targeted to attend the inauguration ceremony.