As a manifestation of Shafwah Group commitment to continue contributing to Indonesia, the company designs various activity programs representing the 3 pillars of social and environmental responsibility

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SOS Pillar

3 CSR Pillar Shafwah Group

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Social dan Education

Shafwah Group has a strong commitment to the advancement of community education. Shafwahtul Quraniyyah is an Islamic boarding school established in South Kalimantan, serving as Shafwah Group contribution to the development of Quranic generations excelling in both academic and social fields.

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Shafwah Group demonstrates a high level of concern for environmental preservation through environmental awareness activities and the implementation of a green office initiative for all Shafwah members.

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Shafwah Group oversees the Ustadpreneur program, a Shafwah Holidays initiative. Ustadpreneur emphasizes training and practical entrepreneurship skills for religious teachers (asatidz) in Indonesia, with the hope of contributing to the economic well-being of the community.