Shafwah Group inaugurates head office in Jakarta

2023-11-08 11:52:14

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Jakarta, 1 November 2023 - Shafwah Group, a multi-business company that is growing and developing in South Kalimantan, inaugurated its new head office at the Graha Pena Building, 6th floor, Jalan Kebayoran Lama 12, South Jakarta. Carrying the theme "Celebrating our milestone" Shafwah Group celebrates its new achievements, originating from a local company in South Kalimantan which continues to move according to the principle of 'infinite movement' so that it can expand in the city of Jakarta. This important moment marks a new beginning and reflects Shafwah Group's commitment to innovation. It is hoped that with the head office in the capital city of Jakarta, Shafwah Group can expand its business wings more widely.

The head office inauguration event began with a warm welcome from Mrs. Faradina Aisyah, who serves as Finance Accounting and Human Capital Director. Mrs. Faradina spoke about the company's commitment to growth and sustainability, as well as the important role of employees in making this happen. He also emphasized the importance of integrity and professionalism in every step of the company. The speech was then continued by the President Director of Shafwah Group, Mr. Muhammad Helmi.

In his speech, Mr. Muhammad Helmi underlined the significance of this achievement as a major milestone in the company's history. The inauguration of the head office was marked symbolically with a meaningful moment when Mr. Muhammad Helmi pressed the siren button and cut the ribbon. As a sharia-based company, Shafwah Group instills four characteristics of the prophet in its corporate culture, namely Siddiq, Amanah, Fathonah, and Tabligh. Siddiq means having integrity, fathonah means intelligent, tabligh is expected to spread goodness to the surrounding environment, and the mandate is expected by Shafwah Group employees to be trustworthy.

Furthermore, President Director of Shafwah Group Dr. Ir. H. Muhammad Helmi, M. M. said "Maybe there are companies that can only market, without producing or vice versa. Most companies produce without knowing how to market. Well, coincidentally Shafwah was able and involved in all of them. "We have an idea, produce it, and market it at the same time," said Helmi.