The Role of Forests in Ecosystems in Indonesia

2024-01-22 16:32:56

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Along with the increasing birth rate in Indonesia, the need for residential land is also increasing, many forests are being converted into housing so that land for water absorption is decreasing, even though Indonesia's forests are not just rows of towering trees, but natural heritage which has an important role. in maintaining ecosystem balance. Use of forest land without permission and reckless exploitation can damage various aspects, such as:
1. Protection of flora and fauna
Indonesian forests are known as one of the world's centers of biodiversity. The diversity of flora and fauna creates a balanced ecosystem. Many researchers have discovered rare animals that were previously thought to be extinct. Through forest conservation, we not only maintain the sustainability of the ecosystem but also protect the natural habitat for many types of animals, so that our children & grandchildren can get to know the unique animals and plants of Indonesia.
2. Carbon Sequestration and Climate Change
Are you aware that the temperature in Indonesia is now much hotter and hotter, well forests also act as a significant carbon sink by absorbing greenhouse gases, this can help tackle global climate change. Good forest maintenance is a sure step in fighting global warming and increasingly real climate change.
3. Local community life
It is important to involve local communities in conservation efforts, because they are the ones most affected by every forest activity. Most of their activities such as farming and hunting are carried out in the forest. It is important to involve local communities in conservation programs, it is hoped that later they can become active agents of change in maintaining forest sustainability. This creates awareness of the importance of maintaining ecosystem balance among the community.
Despite their important role, Indonesia's forests are currently facing various challenges, such as illegal logging and land conversion. Therefore, collaboration is needed between government, industry and society in implementing movements that support forest conservation and environmental sustainability so that the balance of the ecosystem in Indonesia continues to be maintained. Let's protect Indonesia's forests for the sake of the nation's future.