Shafwah Holidays and South Kalimantan BAZNAS Synergize to Support the Public Health Program

2023-05-22 18:13:53

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Shafwah Holidays and BAZNAS Kalsel cooperate in collecting and distributing infaq/alms or non-binding donations from the congregation of Shafwah Holidays who are engaged in haj, umrah, and halal travel agents. This collaboration was marked by the BAZNAS Kalsel Cooperation Agreement (PKS) with Shafwah Holidays which was approved by both parties on August 31 2022 and is valid for one month, from September to October.
The contents of this agreement or PKS include fundraising for zakat, infaq and alms (ZIS) which are customer/congregational funds for transactions of Shafwah Holidays products. This collaboration applies specifically to the Banjarbaru Branch of Shafwah Holidays. The results of the ZIS collection are channeled to BAZNAS South Kalimantan programs, especially at this time to the program for procuring trail motorbikes for preachers/preachers in the interior of Meratus.
"Later on, every congregation/consumer who transacts products from the Banjarbaru Branch of Shafwah Holidays will automatically make donations and alms to the BAZNAS of South Kalimantan. This is a good collaboration because every transaction is worth worship for the congregation/consumers of Shafwah Holidays Banjarbaru Branch," said VP of Sales and Marketing of Shafwah Holidays, Sania Humaira Helmi. Furthermore, H. Irhamsyah Safari as Chair of BAZNAS South Kalimantan also welcomed this collaboration, because in terms of value the company Shafwah Holidays, which is under the auspices of the Shafwah Group, prioritizes sharia values ​​following the four characteristics of the Prophet Muhammad SAW.
Furthermore, the program that will be implemented between the two parties will develop in a broader direction and be in direct contact with mustahik (beneficiaries) assisted by BAZNAS Kalsel, both within the internal environment of Shafwah Holidays and the wider community. BAZNAS Kalsel and Shafwah Holidays are also jointly conducting education and preaching through several online media such as YouTube live streaming, Instagram, Facebook, websites, Islamic studies, and other forms of promotion.