Recommendations for restaurants in Jakarta that are Muslim friendly.

2024-01-15 17:22:11

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Weekends are a day that many people look forward to spending time with family, which often makes us forget to select halal food and perform prayers when we are away from home. Fortunately, now many cafes and restaurants provide prayer rooms, so visitors no longer need to worry about missing prayer time while enjoying precious moments. The following is a list of restaurants and cafes in Jakarta that provide prayer rooms for visitors.

Baiza sushi
Sushi lovers, come on in! Baiza sushi provides a variety of typical Japanese dishes, from ramen, sushi, to sashimi. This sushi restaurant located in Kemang has been certified halal by the MUI, so you don't need to worry about them using mirin or marinades that contain alcohol. This restaurant operates from 9 am to 10 pm, they also have a comfortable prayer room and clean toilets so you don't have to worry about missing your prayer.

Three folks
This cafe is located in the Lebak Bulus area, South Jakarta and operates from 8 am to 9 pm. Three Folks has a wide selection of gelato flavors and menus for breakfast, understandably because the location of this cafe is right next to the swimming pool, so parents who accompany their children swimming can relax at Three Folks while tasting a variety of western dishes, such as pancakes, pasta, etc. and sandwiches. Apart from being next to the swimming pool, there are also other sports activities, ranging from yoga, poundfit, to pilates.

Gordi HQ
Located in Cipete and in a residential area, Gordi HQ has become a favorite place for South Jakarta residents to work from a cafe. This place is divided into 2 places, namely indoor and outdoor. They don't play around in pampering coffee lovers, there are many choices of drinks made from various types of the best coffee beans. Gordi also neighbors the Foreword Library, you know, this is a special privilege for book lovers because of the ease of accessing the library.

Kawisari cafe & eatery
This restaurant is suitable for large family gatherings because it is spacious and serves a variety of typical Indonesian dishes. The location is also considered strategic, near Gondangdia station, Menteng, Central Jakarta and open from 08.00-23.00 WIB. This restaurant serves selected premium coffee that is grown in-house and can be purchased separately, they also provide market snacks for you to buy as a snack, you know!

Simpang Raya
Padang restaurants are the target of many people for lunch, Simpang Raya Kebayoran Baru branch is one of them. The place is clean, fully air conditioned, and has a prayer room, making people feel at home here for a long time. Not only that, the large parking area can accommodate many visitors during hunger-prone hours, fortunately this Padang restaurant is open from 9.00 am to 21.30 pm.

You can also find other restaurants that have prayer rooms by using the keyword 'prayer room' in a search on Google Maps, usually visitors will mention the facilities the restaurant has, such as parking, waiting room, and prayer room, hopefully this is useful.