3 Tips for achieving your resolutions next year

2023-12-13 11:26:57

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2023 is coming to an end, have you achieved the resolutions you made this year? There are many factors that influence the achievement of a goal, this can be due to insufficient resources, less than optimal time management and unorganized plans. Before making resolutions for the new year, it would be better if you evaluate the things you have done over the past year. First, you need to know what things you want to realize next year. This can be in the form of a desire for a better life, such as getting a scholarship, renovating a house, or learning a new skill. After setting goals, use this method to pursue your resolutions next year!

S.M.A.R.T. Method

Make sure your goals are specific, to help create these goals use the 5W1H questions to make it easier to define your goals.
If your goals are measurable, it will be easier for you to measure the level of success in achieving those goals and keep you on track.
Make sure your goals are within reach and make them as realistic as possible, if you are too ambitious you will find it difficult to focus which can interfere with other work.
Also make sure your goals are in line with your personality and the values you adhere to.
Time bound.
Set a clear timeframe for achieving the target, with this you will know when to start and move on to the next step.

Create an Action Plan

The action plan aims to help you carry out your tasks more focusedly so you can achieve your goals thoroughly. Usually, the action plan contains complete task details with given deadlines. You can prioritize tasks that need to be completed immediately so they don't interfere with other tasks, so how do you create an action plan?
Write down the targets you want to achieve.
Create a breakdown containing all the necessary steps.
Give a priority scale and deadline for each task.
Identify the resources needed, such as time, skills, knowledge, etc.
Monitor and evaluate every step you make.

Make monthly targets

You can break down the annual targets that you have made into monthly targets, so that these targets can be divided into weekly and daily installments. This can make it easier for you to learn or achieve a certain target, if the target is paid in installments little by little, it will be easier to monitor progress.

Achieving new targets is not easy, but with strong motivation and driven by intention, slowly your goals will be achieved.